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What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
DB-2016-FM-176_p1 1 New Attachment - Addendum 3.pdf 11/23/2016
DB-2016-FM-164- 1 New Attachment - addendum no. 3 w attachments.pdf 11/23/2016
001 - DB-2016-FM-164- Amendment Loaded 11/23/2016
DB-2016-FM-176_p1 001 - DB-2016-FM-176 Amendment Loaded 11/23/2016
Letting Made Available 11/16/2016
DB-2016-FM-164- Letting Made Available 11/16/2016
001 - DB-2016-FM-164- 35 Plan Sheets Added 11/16/2016
001 - DB-2016-FM-164- Amendment Loaded 11/16/2016
DB-2016-FM-176_p1 001 - DB-2016-FM-176 Proposal Postponed 11/16/2016
DB-2016-FM-117 002 - DB-2016-FM-117 1 New Attachment - Plans.pdf 11/15/2016
002 - DB-2016-FM-117 User deleted 1 Plan Sheet for letting DB-2016-FM-117 and proposal DB-2016-FM-117 11/15/2016
002 - DB-2016-FM-117 5 Plan Sheets Added 11/15/2016
DB-2016-FM-176 001 - DB-2016-FM-176 1 New Attachment - Plans.pdf 11/15/2016
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