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Proposal E20M6-R0

LETTING LOCATION: 1109 South Marion Avenue POSTING DATES: 06/21/2021 and 06/28/2021 CONTRACT DAYS: 365 CONTRACT EXECUTION DAYS: 10 SPECIAL START DATE: N/A ACQUIS./FLEXIBLE START TIME: 00 Days (acq. time) Routine tree pruning and trimming behind sidewalks, curb & gutter and over travel lanes, selective tree pruning and trimming, individual tree removal, tree and brush removal (including trees less than 4 inches in diameter), and stump grinding as listed in the bid items within state maintained right of ways in urbanized areas of Alachua County. Power shearing equipment, bucket trucks, chainsaws and pole saws may be required to perform the work. All vegetative material will need to be removed from the right of way and disposed of properly. Mobilization and Maintenance of Traffic are incidental to the pay items listed. RENEWAL OPTION. BID EXPRESS MANDATORY
Proposal information table
Date Generated:05/06/2021Sections: 1
Date Revised: Amendments: 0
Call Order: 005 Highway Number:
Items: 13 Counties: ALACHUA DIST/ST-WIDE
Project ID: N/A

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