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Proposal E7O00-R0

LETTING LOCATION: Tampa POSTING DATES: 06/28/2021 and 07/06/2021 CONTRACT DAYS: 730 CONTRACT EXECUTION DAYS: 10 SPECIAL START DATE: N/A ACQUIS./FLEXIBLE START TIME: 15 Acquisition Days The intent of this contract is to provide a means whereby the Department can provide a quick response for implementing roadway improvements including, but not limited to: need to install/repair/modify traffic signalization improvements, installation of wrong way vehicle detection systems, minor widening for turn lane extensions, implementation of Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures systems (ATSPM), signing, pavement markings, minor concrete improvements, and pedestrian feature installations (crosswalks, ped buttons standard and accessible, mid-block crosswalks) for a period of two (2) years or until the contracted amount has been reached.The quantities shown on the Bid Price Proposal are approximate and only represent estimated planned requirements based on historical or specific project needs.The Department does not guarantee any maximum or minimum quantity, any range of quantities, or the exact quantities shown for each bid item.The Department's estimated quantities and the Contractor's bid price will be used to calculate a total bid amount. This total bid amount will then be used to determine the low bidder; however, actual payment under the awarded contract will be based on actual quantities completed. For this Contract in which specific sites are not identified at the time of letting, the Engineer will issue a Work Document. Work Documents will identify the location, description, amount of work to be accomplished, and the number of calendar days to complete the work. This is a district-wide push-button contract.The budgetary ceiling for this contract shall be Two Million dollars ($2,000,000.00) over the two (2) year term of the contract. Pre-Qualification is required for this contract. There will be a Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting for this contract on May 19, 2021 at 1:30 PM, which will be conducted via GoToMeeting. To join from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, use the following link: To join by phone, call: +1 (312) 757-3121 and enter Access Code: 146-958-453
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Date Generated:05/10/2021Sections: 5
Date Revised: 06/01/2021 Amendments: 1
Call Order: 002 Highway Number:
Project ID: N/A

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