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Proposal T3752

LETTING LOCATION: Contracts Administration Office POSTING DATES: 06/09/2021 and 06/23/2021 CONTRACT MAX DAYS A+B: 650 CONTRACT EXECUTION DAYS: 10 SPECIAL START DATE: N/A ACQUIS./FLEXIBLE START TIME: 15 Days Standard Acq The improvements under this contract consist of milling and resurfacing State Road (S.R.) 85 (South Ferdon Blvd.) from north of S.R. 123 (Roger J. Clary Hwy.) to north of Hospital Drive in Okaloosa County.The milling and resurfacing of these limits is included in FPID 441548-1-52-01. Other improvements in 441548-1-52-01 include turn lane extensions and additions at Antioch Road, turn lane and shoulder reconstruction, the addition of a Restricted Crossing U-Turn at Cracker Barrel Rd., safety improvements, and drainage improvements. FPID 441548-1-52-02 consists adjusting utility manholes and valve boxes.The limits of FPID 443672-1-52-01 include S.R. 85 (South Ferdon Blvd.) from Southcrest Dr. to north of Hospital Dr. This project includes the addition of a continuous northbound right turn lane from Cracker Barrel Rd./Southcrest Rd. to Hospital Dr., the addition of a continuous southbound right turn lane from Cracker Barrel Rd./Southcrest Rd. to Mirage Ave., numerous turn lane additions and extension, widening under the S.R. 8 (I-10) overpass and adding retaining walls to the bridge slopes, S.R. 8 (I-10) ramp widening for turn lanes and receiving lanes, new signal mast arms at 3 intersections, ADA improvements, and drainage improvements. FPID 439965-1-52-01includes new signal mast arms at S.R. 85 (South Ferdon Blvd.) at John King Rd. intersection.
Proposal information table
Date Generated:04/20/2021Sections: 4
Date Revised: 05/17/2021 Amendments: 1
Call Order: 011 Highway Number: 5790
Items: 227 Counties: OKALOOSA
Project ID: D321001B

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