Proposal 180921-G02

****(1): Job J7S3123 Route Z, TT BARRY, STONE County. Coldmill and resurface from Route 60 to Route 30 and from Route 39 to Route D, the total length of improvement being 15.389 miles.****(2): Job J7S3274 Route D BARRY, STONE County. Resurface from Mo 248 to Pirate Lane in Crane, the total length of improvement being 6.613 miles.
Proposal information table
Date Generated:08/27/2018Sections: 2
Date Revised: 08/27/2018 Amendments: 1
Call Order: G02 Highway Number:
Items: 40 Counties: BARRY STONE
Project ID: FAS-S601(015),FAS-S601(015)

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