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Letting of January 23, 2020

Letting information table
Letting ID: 012320
Cut-Off Time: 09:00:59 AM MDT

January 15, 2020 2:35 PM MST

Call. No. 208 - Contract ID ER120, STPS 540-1(28)9 - East River Road Slide (S-540):  MDT has advertised a contract today, Jan. 15, 2020, for letting on January 23, 2020 to address a road closure on Secondary Highway 540 south of Emigrant.  Two spot improvements within the road closure are being designed and permitted.  The work will consist of roadway excavation, pavement/road patch millings disposal, culvert replacements, temporary gravel surfacing, plant mix surfacing, geosynthetics, subsurface drains, ditch grading, and revegetation.  It is MDT's intent to repair the roadway during winter shutdown, reopen the highway, and complete paving in the spring.  An Expedited Award and Expedited Notice to Proceed are applicable to this contract.   


Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(8 Active Proposals)
02120 201 NH 8-4(50)96 77 0 Broadwater
Grade, gravel, PMS Overlay, drainage, fencing and signing for reconstruction of the existing roadway and adding passing lanes on the Junction S-437 - North & South project in Broadwater County. The project is located on US 287/N-8, beginning approxima...
06120 202 STPP 69-1(40)6 44 0 Jefferson
Cold milling/fill, digouts, rut filling, microsurfacing, guardrail, rumble strips and pavement markings on the JCT S-359 - North project located in Jefferson County. The project begins at RP 6.1, at the Junction with State Secondary 359, and extends a...
05120 203 CMDP 11-1(88)53 56 1 Park
Upgrades of signal facilities, lighting, signing and ADA sidewalk on the Livingston Signal Improvements project in Park County. The project has 4 locations in Livingston along Park St. from south of the I-90 Interchange at Loves Lane (RP 53.0) and to ...
01120 204 IM 90-7(113)322 10 0 Park
Fencing replacement work on the I-90 InterstateFencing (D2) project in Park County. Starting at the Gallatin/Park county line at RP 322.0 to the Springdale Interchange at RP 354.0 on Interstate I-90.
08120 205 STPB 9037(34) 21 0 Pondera
This is a bridge replacement project in Pondera County on L-37-3 (Francis Heights Road). The project begins approximately 180 feet south of the bridge and ends approximately 200 feet north of the bridge. The existing 40-foot bridge over the ?C? canal ...
04120 206 HSIP-CMDO 5201(23) 55 0 Cascade
ADA sidewalks, curb/gutter, PMS overlay, traffic signals, seal & cover and pavement markings on the SF139 - 6th St/NW Bypass Safety project located within the city limits of Great Falls in Cascade County. The project is located at the intersection of ...
07120 207 STPS 297-1(12)2 8 1 Wheatland
The Snow Fence-North of Shawmut project consists of snow fence construction and installation, and concrete snow fence salvage between RP 2.30 to RP 3.6 on S-297N (MT HWY 297) near Shawmut and extending northeast.The project is located in Wheatland Cou...
ER120 208 STPS 540-1(28)9 33 0 Park
The East River Road Slide (S-540) project consists of slope stabilization, drainage improvements, grading, gravel surfacing, plant mix surfacing, and other improvements.The project is located on State Secondary Route 540 (East River Road) southeast of...