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UPP-STPB 1033(5) - Cold milling, PMS overlay, rumble strips, seal & cover, pavement markings, guardrail, signing and bridge deck repair on the Blue Creek Road ? Billings project located in Yellowstone County. The project begins at RP 0.1 on South Billings Blvd (U-1033) and extends approximately 3.2 miles southeast along Blue Creek Road to RP 2.6. UPP 1011(20) - Cold milling, PMS overlay, seal & cover, pavement markings, guardrail, signing and bridge deck repair on the South Frontage Road-Billings project located in Yellowstone County. The project is located southwest of Billings beginning at the intersection with Mullowney Lane (RP 0.0) to the intersection of Wise Lane and Shiloh Road (RP 3.75). STPS 416-1(16)11 - PMS shoulder widening and guardrail on the Guardrail-South of Billings project located in Yellowstone County and entirely within the Crow Indian Reservation. The project is located on Secondary 416 beginning at RP 10.5 and extends approximately 2.8 miles east along Blue Creek Road to RP 13.3, intersecting with Secondary 418 (Pryor Creek Road). MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE (TRIBAL) A pre-bid conference will be held at the following time and location: Friday, April 12, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. Billings District Conference Room 424 Morey Street, Billings, MT 59101 The pre-bid conference will have a formal sign-in process that will become the official record of attendance for the purposes of determining eligible bidders. Attendance at this conference is mandatory for any Contractor to submit a bid as a prime bidder. Contractors who bid as a prime bidder on this project must have at least one full time, permanent employee present. No proxy representatives, such as subcontractors or consultants, meet this requirement. In the event a prime bidder tenders a bid but did not attend the pre-bid conference, the bid will be returned unopened. Representatives of the Department will be present to describe the project and answer questions. Representatives of the Crow Tribe will be invited to the pre-bid conference. The pre-bid conference is for information only. The Department is not bound by any statement or representation concerning conditions or description of the work given by Department employees or agents and the pre-bid conference. The answers to any questions raised are non-binding oral explanations or instructions, and relying on them is solely at the Bidder?s risk. Any issues raised at the pre-bid conference must be posted on the Question and Answer Forum to be considered an enforceable provision of the contract to be let. The pre-bid attendee list and contract document clarifications or modifications considered necessary by the Department will be posted to the Question and Answer Forum.
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Project ID: UPP-STPB 1033(5)

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