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November 03, 2021 04:28 PM EDT

Welcome to the New York State Thruway Authority Home Page!

The Authority began distributing letting documents and accepting electronic bids using Bid Express on October 12, 2021.  

Construction Contract LettingsThe Authority will stop accepting electronic bids through Bid Express at 10:30:59 am on the Letting date specified to allow sufficient time to download and prepare them for the public bid opening at 11:00 am.  Lettings are normally scheduled for a Wednesday but may be scheduled for a different weekday under special circumstances.

Amended Contracts - Whenever an amendment is issued, a Project Bids amendment file (e.g. .001x, .002x, etc...) will also be issued and must be applied to the original .ebsx file, even if the amendment does not add items, delete items or change quantities on existing items. This is done so the amendment count within the Project Bids file matches the number of amendments issued as electronic PDFs.

Postponed Contracts - The Authority will handle postponements utilizing a Project Bids amendment file (e.g. .001x, .002x, etc...).  Contactors will simply need to download the amendment file and apply it to the original .ebsx file. This saves them from having to transfer data into a new .ebsx file.


Additional Contract Information or Questions - For information or questions concerning contract documents, submit a "Bidder Request for Information (TA-W44137)" form, available on the Authority's website at


Steps to Begin Using Bid Express to Bid Electronically with the Authority - 

1) Create a "Digital ID" with Bid Express for the AASHTOware Project Bids Bid component.

2) Submit a "Request to Bid" with the Authority. Please note that prior approval to bid with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) doesn't automatically grant approval to bid with the Authority.

A Contractor must be registered with the NYS Department of State ( and have an approved NYS Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire For-Profit Construction (CCA-2) form ( on file with the Authority Before a contract can be awarded to them.

Notifications - Contractors are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the following message options in order to be notified of any contract amendments, as well as notified if any Supplemental Information or Question and Answer files are posted during the advertisement period:

  • Agency Message
  • Letting Activity
  • Plan Sheet Processing
  • Proposal Activity

Withdrawal of Bid - Contractors wanting to withdraw a submitted electronic bid after the 10:30:59 am letting time cutoff in Bid Express must:

1) Be present at the public bid opening.

2) Have submitted the low bid on a project for which bids have been announced.

3) Provide a written request of intent to withdraw, on Authority provided forms.

If a contractor exercises this option, any electronic bids submitted for other projects in the Letting will be deleted and the bids not made public.  If the other submissions were physical, sealed bids they will be returned to the contractor unopened.

Electronic documents and bid files are also posted on the Authority's website at

What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
20220216 860 - D214860 1 New Attachment - D214860_TAS22-8B_Questions-and-Answers-01-21-2022.pdf 01/21/2022
860 - D214860 1 New Attachment - 01/21/2022
20220209 862 - D214862 1 New Attachment - D214862_TAN22-10B_Questions-and-Answers-01-21-2022.pdf 01/21/2022
20220126 851 - D214851 1 New Attachment - D214851_TANY22-3I_Questions-and-Answers-01-21-2022.pdf 01/21/2022
20220202 854 - D214854 Amendment Loaded 01/19/2022
854 - D214854 1 New Attachment - 20220119_D214854_a01.pdf 01/19/2022
854 - D214854 1 New Attachment - 01/19/2022
854 - D214854 1 New Attachment - 20220119_D214854_a01.pdf 01/19/2022
20220216 Letting Made Available 01/18/2022
853 - D214853 28 Plan Sheets Added 01/14/2022
860 - D214860 90 Plan Sheets Added 01/14/2022
20220126 852 - D214852 1 New Attachment - 20220114_D214852_a01.pdf 01/14/2022
852 - D214852 Amendment Loaded 01/14/2022
852 - D214852 User deleted 1 Plan Sheet for letting 20220126 and proposal D214852 01/14/2022
852 - D214852 5 Plan Sheets Added 01/14/2022
852 - D214852 Proposal Alert Updated 01/14/2022
20220216 860 - D214860 User deleted all (90) plan sheets for letting 20220216 and proposal D214860. (Plan set D214860-planset.pdf) 01/14/2022
860 - D214860 90 Plan Sheets Added 01/14/2022
20220119 850 - D214850 1 New Attachment - D214850_TAS22-2I_Questions-and-Answers-01-13-2022.pdf 01/13/2022
20220126 852 - D214852 1 New Attachment - D214852_TANY22-4_Questions-and-Answers-01-11-2022.pdf 01/13/2022
20220216 855 - D214855 Proposal Deleted 01/12/2022
855 - D214855 88 Plan Sheets Added 01/12/2022
20220209 Letting Made Available 01/11/2022
20220202 Letting Made Available 01/04/2022
(24 Activities)
What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
854 - D214854 Proposal Deleted 12/29/2021
20220126 Letting Made Available 12/28/2021
851 - D214851 Proposal Deleted 12/27/2021
851 - D214851 43 Plan Sheets Added 12/27/2021
20220119 Letting Made Available 12/27/2021
20220126 852 - D214852 Proposal Deleted 12/27/2021
852 - D214852 32 Plan Sheets Added 12/27/2021
(7 Activities) More... Searching...


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