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Letting of October 16, 2015

Letting information table
Letting ID: 20151016
Cut-Off Time: 10:00:59 AM CDT

Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(13 Active Proposals)
CNP924 001 N/A 29 1 DAVIDSON
The slope stabilization and construction of a graded solid rock buttress on I-65 NB between log mile 16.1 and 16.2.
CNP925 002 PHSIP-168(10) 50 0 KNOX
The installation of signals on S.R. 168 at the intersection of U.S. 441 (S.R. 71, Chapman Highway) (L.M. 6.96).
CNP288 003 BR-STP-130(20) 194 1 BEDFORD
The construction of bridges on S.R. 130 over branch (L.M. 4.77, L.M. 5.45 and L.M. 9.83), and over Sugar Creek (L.M. 8.30), including grading, drainage and paving.
CNP268 004 N/A 56 0 COFFEE
The grading, drainage and paving on a S.I.A. route serving XP Services, Inc. in Tullahoma.
CNP283 005 N/A 11 0 DAVIDSON
The installation of an overhead sign structure on I-24 westbound (L.M. 11.98).
CNP284 006 N/A 48 0 FRANKLIN
The repair of the bridges on S.R. 476 over the Elk River (L.M. 3.39) and Hurricane Creek (L.M. 7.40).
CNP230 007 NH-I-124-3(81) 570 2 HAMILTON
The widening on I-124 (U.S. 27) from the I-24/I-124 interchange to south of the Tennessee River, including widening of the Olgiati Bridge in Chattanooga.
CNP287 008 BR-STP-92(11) 206 5 JEFFERSON
The construction of a welded steel plate girder bridge on S.R. 92 over the French Broad River in Dandridge (L.M. 9.16), including grading, drainage and paving.
CNP122 009 PHSIP-68(41) 18 0 MONROE
The installation of left turn lanes on S.R. 68 at the intersections of Happy Hollow Road (L.M. 16.91), and Eleazar Road (L.M. 20.01).
CNP291 010 N/A 61 0 MOORE
The repair of the bridge on S.R. 129 over branch (L.M. 2.51).
CNP190 011 N/A 71 1 SMITH
The repair of two bridges on S.R. 80 over Peyton's Creek (L.M. 5.75 and L.M. 7.00).
CNP256 012 N/A 190 1 SUMNER
The grading, drainage, construction of a concrete I-beam bridge and paving on Greenlea Boulevard from S.R. 386 (Vietnam Veterans Boulevard) to S.R. 174 (Long Hollow Pike).
CNP294 013 N/A 56 1 WILLIAMSON
The repair of the bridges on S.R. 840 over Boston-Theta Road (L.M. 13.58 and L.M. 13.60), and over Sycamore Creek (L.M. 15.94).