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Letting of June 22, 2018

Letting information table
Letting ID: 20180622
Cut-Off Time: 10:00:59 AM CST

Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(29 Active Proposals, 3 Withdrawn Proposals)
CNS205 025 This proposal has been withdrawn
This proposal has been moved to the letting of
CNS234 001 This proposal has been withdrawn
This proposal has been moved to the letting of
CNS242 002 BRZE-700(33) 43 0 CAMPBELL
The construction of a concrete I-beam bridge on North 11th Street over the C.S.X. Railroad in LaFollette (L.M. 0.27), including grading, drainage and paving.
CNS185 003 N/A 21 1 COCKE
The resurfacing on U.S. 25E (S.R. 32) from near Industrial Road (L.M. 25.80) to near the French Broad River (L.M. 31.07).
CNS244 004 HSIP-11(93) 111 0 DAVIDSON
The improvement of the intersection on U.S. 31A (U.S. 41A, S.R. 11) at Welshwood Drive (L.M. 7.24) in Nashville.
CNS249 005 HSIP-254(11) 29 0 DAVIDSON
The resurfacing on S.R. 254 (Old Hickory Boulevard) from Granny White Pike (L.M. 5.44) to U.S. 31 (S.R. 6) (L.M. 7.13).
CNS248 007 HSIP-48(55) 10 0 DICKSON
The miscellaneous safety improvements on S.R. 48 from north of R Owen Road (L.M. 21.00) to the bridge over Furnace Creek (L.M. 24.03).
CNS011 008 N/A 10 0 DYER
The repair of the bridge on I-155 (U.S. 412) over the Mississippi River (L.M. 0.00).
CNS239 009 N/A 17 0 FENTRESS
The resurfacing on S.R. 52 from east of the Obey River (L.M. 5.48) to west of S.R. 154 (L.M. 11.00).
CNS240 010 STP/HSIP-15(199) 29 0 FRANKLIN
The resurfacing on U.S. 64BR (S.R. 15) from U.S. 41A (S.R. 16) (L.M. 13.72) to west of Money Lane (L.M. 18.31).
CNS245 011 STP/HSIP-367(9) 32 0 GIBSON
The resurfacing on U.S. 45WBR (S.R. 367) from U.S. 45W (S.R. 5) (L.M. 0.00) to U.S. 45W (S.R. 5) (L.M. 4.73).
CNS250 012 HSIP-108(101) 28 0 GRUNDY
The resurfacing on S.R. 108 from S.R. 56 (L.M. 12.02) to west of Eagle Lake Road (L.M. 15.00), including addition of a turn lane.
CNS251 013 STP-NH/HSIP-153(13) 55 1 HAMILTON
The resurfacing including bridge deck repair on S.R. 153 from I-75 (L.M. 0.00) to the bridge under Shallowford Road (L.M. 2.60), and the improvement of the intersection on Pelican Drive at Jersey Pike in Chattanooga.
CNS236 014 HSIP-I-24-2(159) 13 0 HAMILTON MARION
The miscellaneous safety improvements on I-24 from S.R. 156 (L.M. 26.81) to the Georgia State line (L.M. 0.31).
CNS237 015 STP/HSIP-69(96) 30 0 HARDIN
The resurfacing on S.R. 69 from S.R. 421 (L.M. 3.92) to the Decatur County line (L.M. 10.08).
CNS202 006 This proposal has been withdrawn
This proposal has been moved to the letting of
CNS253 016 N/A 21 1 MARSHALL
The repair of the bridge on S.R. 130 over Cane Creek (L.M. 0.04).
CNS247 017 STP-SIP-243(96) 40 1 MAURY
The miscellaneous safety improvements on S.R. 246 from U.S. 31 (S.R. 6) to the Williamson County line, on Theta Pike from north of Witherspoon Road to Darks Mill Road and on S.R. 243 at the intersection of 3rd Avenue.
CNS243 018 N/A 20 1 PERRY
The resurfacing on U.S. 412 (S.R. 20) from west of Deer Valley Road (L.M. 6.10) to Poplar Street (L.M. 12.13).
CNS241 019 STP/HSIP-30(82) 22 0 POLK
The resurfacing on S.R. 30 from U.S. 411 (S.R. 33) (L.M. 2.65) to west of Tellico Reliance Road (L.M. 8.00).
CNS252 020 N/A 36 0 PUTNAM
The interchange lighting on I-40 at the junction of Mine Lick Creek Road (L.M. 15.56).
CNS212 021 N/A 71 0 RUTHERFORD
The grading, drainage, signals and paving on U.S. 70S (U.S. 41, S.R. 1) at Sam Griffin Road (L.M. 8.11) to serve Nissan Supplier Park in Smyrna.
CNS231 022 HSIP-339(8) 88 1 SEVIER
The improvement of the intersections on S.R. 339 at Old Newport Highway/Jones Cove Road (L.M. 1.98) and at Dixon Branch Road (L.M. 5.71), including grading, drainage and paving.
CNS200 023 R-PHSIP-338(7) 114 0 SEVIER
The improvement of the intersection on S.R. 338 (Boyds Creek Highway) at Pitner Road (L.M. 0.95), including grading, drainage, signals and paving.
CNS257 024 N/A 42 0 SHELBY
The repair of the bridge on Ramp D over S.R. 14 (L.M. 20.94).
CNS004 026 R-PHSIP-36(55) 94 0 SULLIVAN
The improvement of the intersection on S.R. 36 at Moreland Drive / Hemlock Road in Kingsport (L.M. 4.31).
CNS256 027 N/A 37 0 SULLIVAN
The repair of the bridges on I-26 over Rock Springs Road (L.M. 6.31).
CNS254 028 N/A 48 1 WARREN
The repair of the bridge on S.R. 8 over the Collins River (L.M. 8.14).
CNS180 029 NH-111(105) 21 1 WHITE
The resurfacing on S.R. 111 from the Van Buren County line (L.M. 0.00) to Shady Oak Road (L.M. 4.20).
The resurfacing in Overton County on S.R. 164 from south of Roger Norrod Lane to S.R. 85, and on S.R. 85 from west of S.R. 164 to west of Old Grimsley Road in Fentress County.
CNS940 031 STP/HSIP-290(8) 8 1 JACKSON
The resurfacing on S.R. 290 from S.R. 53 (L.M. 0.00) to S.R. 56 (L.M. 10.60).
CNS941 032 STP/HSIP-62(48) 18 1 PUTNAM
The resurfacing on S.R. 62 from east of Meadow Creek bridge (L.M. 5.28) to the Fentress County line (L.M. 10.40) and on S.R. 84 from the White County line (L.M. 0.00) to north of Henry Cemetery Road (L.M. 6.11).


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