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March 28, 2023 12:01 PM EDT

Revision of Pay Items Numbers Memo 

September 28, 2022 06:18 AM EDT

If you have inquiries regarding your Request to Bid status, obtaining a Vendor ID,
or expediting your approval to bid please contact our Prequalification Office:

August 18, 2022 06:04 AM EDT

2023 Surface Treatment, Slurry Seal, and Latex Contract Completion Dates - 8/17/22

November 13, 2019 03:14 PM EST

DBE Entry - When the DBE Contractor is manually entered in Project Bids the ID must be entered matching the VDOT Vendor ID.

June 25, 2019 11:25 AM EDT


Once you have an approved Digital ID, you will need to request to bid to any agency to which you want to submit bids. You need only one Digital ID for all agencies. 
When you submit the request, both you and the agency receive an email with the request information. This request will be in pending status until approved by the agency.

1. Click the MyBidx icon.
2. Select Bid with AASHTOWare Project Bids.
3. Click Request to Bid.
4. Click Request.
5. Select the agency and the ID holder.
6. Enter the bidder ID provided by the agency.
7. Your organization name will display based on the bidder ID entered. Verify this information is correct.
8. Select the check box to authorize the Bid Express service to bill your credit card for using the Digital ID to bid with the agency.
9. Click Save.

When sending DBE information, send it to:

VDOT Contracts
Virginia Department of Transportation
12th floor, Construction Division
1401 E. Broad St.
Richmond, Virginia 23219  

Or by email:

What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
230927 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 09/22/2023
231025 Attachment Deleted - DBE_VA.bin 09/22/2023
Attachment Deleted - DBE_VA.bin 09/22/2023
1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 09/22/2023
231115 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 09/22/2023
230927 K01 - C0000116279B33 1 New Attachment - K01_116279_Addendum_3_Signed.pdf 09/21/2023
231025 K25 - C0000122883N01 1 New Attachment - K25_122883_Addendum_Letter_Signed.pdf 09/18/2023
230927 K02 - C0000112945C01 1 New Attachment - K02 Addendum_3_Signed.pdf 09/15/2023
K07 - C0000111338B01 1 New Attachment - K07_111338 Addendum Letter 3 _Signed.pdf 09/15/2023
K01 - C0000116279B33 Amendment Loaded 09/15/2023
K01 - C0000116279B33 1 New Attachment - K01_116279 Addendum_2_Signed.pdf 09/15/2023
J63 - C0000122598N01B 1 New Attachment - J63_122598.pdf 09/15/2023
J98 - C0000111725C01 Amendment Loaded 09/15/2023
J63 - C0000122598N01B Attachment Deleted - J63_122598.pdf 09/15/2023
J63 - C0000122598N01B 1 New Attachment - J63_122598_Addendum_2_Signed.pdf 09/15/2023
J98 - C0000111725C01 1 New Attachment - J98_111725_Add_3a_Signed.pdf 09/15/2023
K21 - C0000117771N01 Amendment Loaded 09/15/2023
K21 - C0000117771N01 1 New Attachment - K21 Addendum Letter_Signed.pdf 09/15/2023
P45 - C0000123749S01 1 New Attachment - P45 Addendum_Signed.pdf 09/14/2023
231025 K32 - C0000111648C01 New Proposal Added 09/13/2023
K24 - C0000122984N01 New Proposal Added 09/13/2023
230927 J75 - C0000117952N01B 1 New Attachment - J75_117952_Addendum_Signed.pdf 09/13/2023
K18 - C0000113867N01 1 New Attachment - K18_113867_Addendum_Signed.pdf 09/12/2023
231115 New Letting Created 09/12/2023
K31 - C0000100920C01 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K08 - C000116164C01 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
231025 K29 - C0000111740C01 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K28 - C0000118787B06 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K30 - C0000120743B11 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K26 - C0000121235B29 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K27 - C0000122452B41 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K23 - C0000122595B15 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K25 - C0000122883N01 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
J80 - C000122289N01C New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
313 - CM324LMA122992 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
423 - CM424SSA124047 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
424 - CM424SSB124045 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
425 - CM424STA124051 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
426 - CM424STB124052 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
427 - CM424STC124049 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
711 - CM724LMA123551 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
710 - CM724STA123573 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
827 - CM824LMB123351 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
232 - CM224SSA123414 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
231 - CM224ST0123413 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
K44 - C0000112899N01 New Proposal Added 09/12/2023
230927 K01 - C0000116279B33 1 New Attachment - K01_116279 Addendum_Signed.pdf 09/11/2023
F88 - C000109378C01D 1 New Attachment - F88_109378 Addendum letter signed_2.pdf 09/11/2023
1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 09/08/2023
231025 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 09/08/2023
(50 Activities) More... Searching...


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