February 25, 2019 10:57 AM EST

AASHTOWare Project Bids is coming to VDOT April Letting 2019!

February 19, 2019 10:13 AM EST

Due to a technical issue with the amendment file, a new EBS file has been posted which includes the amendment.  If you have downloaded this file before today, February 19th, please do so again to get the most updated material.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

January 16, 2019 10:58 AM EST

How to obtain the Plan Holders List via the system Projectwise!

July 09, 2018 01:28 PM EDT


ProjectWise will change how VDOT provides electronic Construction Plans through the Construction Advertisement Bulletin Board (CABB). The switchover for CABB will be effective on the June 12th Advertisement. Beginning on that date in order to access Construction Plans you must follow the instructions provided in the attached document.  We stress that you will be unable to access these electronic documents without following the attached instructions. Your Falcon login will not work in ProjectWise.

If you have any questions, you may contact the CADD Support Helpdesk by email or at (804) 786-1280

ProjectWise Implementation - CABB Users

  • The Falcon Document Management system has been replaced by ProjectWise Explorer and Web Client. The implementation of ProjectWise will provide full document management functionality and design collaboration between our business partners and VDOT. 

  • One noticeable change is that the EPLANS link from CABB will direct you to login into ProjectWise instead of Falcon.  All Contractors wishing to access electronic documents via CABB must contact VDOT to establish a login and make plans to attend one of the training webinars. It takes approximately 5 days for a new ProjectWise account to be established, so please submit the request accordingly.

  • For more information on requesting logins, please click on this link

  • CABB/ProjectWise User Interface Job Aid available at this link!

  • Downloading Multiple Files from ProjectWise

  • For more information on training, please click on this link! Additional webinars are being added soon.

October 25, 2017 08:12 AM EDT

For information or questions regarding your Digital ID status, please contact our Prequalification Office at prequalification@vdot.virginia.gov.

March 16, 2017 09:55 AM EDT

Please be advised when sending your DBE information, send it to:

VDOT Contracts
Virginia Department of Transportation
12th Floor, Construction Division
1401 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

OR by email: VDOTContracts@vdot.virginia.gov

June 15, 2016 10:03 AM EDT

RE:  Subscribing to notification options within Bid Express and My Bidx

Please be advised that signing up for the option to subscribe to multiple notifications in Bid Express is encouraged by our Department.  This is not only to make sure you receive all communication per your interest in projects advertised but also to make sure all communication and information is directed toward the correct individual and mailing address.  Please take the time to subscribe to one or more of Bid Express auto-notifications and take a look at the My Bidx preferences which allows you to revise or correct contact information different from what is listed in your Expedite file or the Prequalification List.

What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
190522 B27 - C0000101062N01 New Proposal Added 04/23/2019
A87 - C000101009B65B New Proposal Added 04/23/2019
B07 - C000110784B20 New Proposal Added 04/23/2019
B06 - C000110997B04 New Proposal Added 04/23/2019
A75 - C000114573N01B New Proposal Added 04/23/2019
U83 - CM519GRD114613 New Proposal Added 04/23/2019
190626 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 04/17/2019
190522 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 04/17/2019
190424 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 04/17/2019
190522 B15 - C0000110012B62 1 New Attachment - B15 Addendum-Signed.pdf 04/16/2019
190424 A83 - C0000113411B60 1 New Attachment - A83 Addendum Letter-signed.pdf 04/12/2019
A97 - C000111370C01 Amendment Loaded 04/12/2019
A97 - C000111370C01 1 New Attachment - A97 Addendum Signed.pdf 04/12/2019
739 - CM719PMA112999B 1 New Attachment - 739B Addendum Letter-signed.pdf 04/12/2019
190626 New Letting Created 04/10/2019
A72 - C0000100921C01 New Proposal Added 04/10/2019
A72 - C0000100921C01 Proposal Alert Updated 04/10/2019
190424 U79 - C0000109367N01 Amendment Loaded 04/10/2019
U79 - C0000109367N01 1 New Attachment - U79 Addendum-Signed.pdf 04/10/2019
190626 B09 - C0000110423B11 New Proposal Added 04/10/2019
B09 - C0000110423B11 Proposal Alert Updated 04/10/2019
190522 A99 - C0000081548B35 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
B10 - C0000109130B16 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
190424 N77 - C0000109272C01 1 New Attachment - N77 Addendum-Signed.pdf 04/09/2019
190522 B02 - C0000109523C01 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
B15 - C0000110012B62 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
B04 - C0000110710N01 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
B05 - C0000114689N01 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
B14 - C0000114700N01 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
B17 - C0000114770M01 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
B03 - C000082513C01 New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
A82 - C000111277B24B New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
A73 - C000114328N01B New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
190424 324 - CM319STA112825B 1 New Attachment - 324 Addendum-Signed.pdf 04/09/2019
190522 541 - CM519PMG113206B New Proposal Added 04/09/2019
190424 A89 - C0000109528C01 Amendment Loaded 04/08/2019
A89 - C0000109528C01 1 New Attachment - A89 addendum-signed.pdf 04/08/2019
A96 - C0000088616M01 1 New Attachment - A96 Addendum-signed.pdf 04/05/2019
190522 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 04/04/2019
190424 1 New Attachment - DBE_VA.bin 04/04/2019
(40 Activities)
What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
190522 A50 - C0000097111B621 New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
190424 A54 - C0000107796C01B New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
U79 - C0000109367N01 New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
U78 - C0000110366N01 New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
U81 - C0000111365N01 New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
U77 - C0000112182N01 New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
A80 - C0000113383N01B New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
U70 - C0000114307N01 New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
U62 - C0000114413N01 New Proposal Added 03/27/2019
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