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Letting of July 13, 2021

Letting information table
Letting ID: 20210713
Cut-Off Time: 11:00:00 AM CDT

Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(7 Active Proposals)
20210713001 001 1229-04-70 177 2 Milwaukee Ozaukee
I-43 NS Freeway Silver Spring Dr to STH 60 Const/WZ Prep
20210713002 002 3821-01-71 64 1 Fond Du Lac
T Eldorado, Town Line Road; Van Dyne Creek Bridge
20210713003 003 4304-05-71 86 0 Manitowoc
T Manitowoc, CTH Q; Little Manitowoc River Bridge
20210713004 004 4814-03-71 65 0 Fond Du Lac
T Ashford, Drumlin Road; West Branch Milwaukee River Bridge
20210713005 005 6187-05-71 60 1 Fond Du Lac
T Alto, Oak Grove Road; South Branch Rock River Bridge
20210713006 006 1023-00-83 42 0 Jackson
Black River Falls - Tomah; Castle Mound Rd Bridge B-27-0053
20210713007 007 8949-00-71 191 1 St Croix
Hudson - Baldwin; STH 65 North To USH 63 North


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