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Question asked regarding 20211109005

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Letting ID: 20211109 Call Order: 005
Number: 1

Turbidity Barrier Design

Current FDM guidance for t-barrier states, "Turbidity barriers are not recommended where currents exceed 5 ft/second. If currents exceed these limits, other measures should be considered to divert the water away from the area being worked on or disturbed. This may be accomplished by using diverters such as portable cofferdams, sheet piling, or jersey barrier." The bridge design for this waterway during construction shows the Q2 very close to this limit, while the temporary structure area exceeds this limit. Will the Department consider using the alternate diverters for bid items on this project instead of calling for t-barrier?

Asked at 10/15/2021 10:56:42 AM

Having spoken with the design team, we understand that flows are very seasonal and that we can not say for certain what field conditions will be. We are fine with using alternate diverters if that is what field conditions dictate, understanding that all of these options will still need to go through the ECIP process.

Answered at 10/19/2021 10:41:07 AM


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