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Question asked regarding 20211109008

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Letting ID: 20211109 Call Order: 008
Number: 3

Response to Flagging Operations Answer

In response to the answer to question (2) on job #8, the line "Per the spec, the cores need to be completed the same day as the paving, prior to being opened to traffic" contradicts section 460. (2) in the proposal stating "Cores will be cut by the next working day not to exceed 48 hours after placement."

Please advise


Asked at 10/28/2021 10:44:47 AM

The department had a meeting with Bureau of Technical Services about the core pilot project, and the spec language about taking the cores before opening to traffic was referencing the PWL Test Strip language and does not apply to the cores the contractor was asking about. The contractor is correct that the "Cores will be cut by the next working day not to exceed 48 hours after placement." An addendum will be issued to clarify.

Answered at 10/29/2021 06:50:00 AM


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