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Question asked regarding 20211109035

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Letting ID: 20211109 Call Order: 035
Number: 1

Type M Rail Post Spacing

On Structure Sheet 8 of 10, the initial rail post spacing dimensions aren't referenced to any specific point on the bridge.

Asked at 10/15/2021 08:46:54 AM

In the notes on sheet 8 of 10, it specifically states: “RAIL POST SPACING IS MEASURED AT THE FRONT FACE OF BASE PLATES”

The reference line for laying out the rail is an arc that runs through the front face of the base plates. This reference line is located 14 3/8 inches in from the edge of the deck (2 5/8 inch edge of deck offset plus an 11 3/4 inch wide base plate).

The reference points are where that reference line (arc) intersects the ends of the deck.

Answered at 10/20/2021 11:49:02 AM


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