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Question asked regarding 20211109047

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Letting ID: 20211109 Call Order: 047
Number: 4

Storm Sewer RCCP Class III 18"

- There is a discrepancy between the storm sewer plans and bid items. Plans show storm sewer class III-B, bid item shows storm sewer RCCP Class III. Which one is it supposed to be?

- on the north crossover from the slotted drain pipe to structure 3.0 why is there a 7 foot piece of pipe that drops nearly 5 feet, seems unnecessary? On plan it also show the 7 feet as "storm sewer class III-B special", is this supposed to be a separate bid item?

- Also, instead of having the 7 feet of pipe drop 5 feet why can't you raise the 237 feet of storm sewer pipe, connect it directly to slotted drain pipe and connect to existing manhole nearly 5 feet higher than shown on plans? Why can't you have both pipe runs on page 44 of the plan higher in elevation where it connects to structure 3.0 so you aren't 9 feet in the ground at structure 3.0. Just like you show in the plan for the south crossover (page 43, not nearly as deep and makes much more sense)

Asked at 10/28/2021 04:27:00 PM

• Answer: Install pipe per plan because this will be left in place permanently, and It is preferred to match the top of the pipe at the existing inlet. Most of the pipe could be installed before the median ditch point is raised to minimize excavation. Storm sewer pipe item number adjustment from 608.0318 to 608.3618 will be made in an addendum.

Answered at 11/03/2021 06:48:18 AM


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