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Pursuant to W.Va. Code 6D-1- et seq, each business entity who is awarded a contract or a series of contracts that has/have an actual or estimated value of $1,000,000.00 will be required to fill out a Disclosure of Interested Parties Form. The West Virginia Division of Highways may not enter into a contract with the business entity until the initial required Disclosure of Interested Parties Form is filed with Contract Administration. In addition, the business entity awarded a contract is obligated to submit a supplemental disclosure form listing any new or differing interested parties within 30 days following the completion or termination of the contract. This form will be required for all contracts beginning immediately and will be sent with the contract and bond when awarded a project.


Pursuant to W. Va. Code 5-22-1(i), the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways (WVDOH), may not award a construction contract to any bidder that is known to be in default on any monetary obligation owed to the State or a political subdivision of the State, including, but not limited to, obligations related to payroll taxes, property taxes, sales and use taxes, fire service fees, or other fines or fees. An AFFIDAVIT form has been created by the WVDOT and will be sent via email to your company whenever your deemed as the apparent low bidder and/or until advised otherwise.


The West Virginia Division of Highways is committed to assuring the participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) in our highway construction program. When a DBE goal is required it is the responsibility of the apparent low bidder to submit their DBE Participation Plan no later than 5 calendar days after bid opening. Plans shall be submitted by e-mail to dot.eeo@wv.gov, fax 304-558-4236, or personal delivery and MUST be received by the WVDOT EEO Division no later than 4pm eastern time on the submission date.


During the recent Second Extraordinary Session of the West Virginia Legislature, the legislature passed a bill permitting the State Tax Department and the Commissioner of Highways to enter into an agreement to share certain corporate tax information, including, but not limited to, information related to subcontractors. See Enrolled S.B. 2002. These legislature measures were passed to better ensure that companies engaged in public contract work comply with the States tax laws. Pursuant to section 108.1, of the WVDOHs Standard Specifications for Roads and bridges (adopted 2017), all subcontractors must first be approved by the agency before completing any subcontracting work. Accordingly, it will now be a requirement that a Subcontractor Affidavit be signed for any proposed subcontractor to affirm under oath that it does not owe a defaulting monetary obligation to the State or any of the States political subdivisions.


All projects advertised by the WVDOH for bidding via the Bid Express website at https:// www. bidx.com will require questions to be asked using the Questions and Answers feature link displayed in the "Also Available" section of the proposal page. Questions received through phone, email or other mechanisms shall not be answered and will otherwise be considered void.

Everyone will have the opportunity to ask a question and read through questions that have already been answered. Please note that individuals do not have to be a member of Bid Express to ask a question or read through questions that have already been answered.

Questions and Answers are for "INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY" and shall not be intended as an alternative to the amendment process.

Any individual that communicates directly to the WVDOH personnel concerning an advertised project will be directed to the Questions and Answers feature on the Bid Express website at https:// www. bidx.com. No WVDOH personnel shall communicate any issues concerning an advertised project with anyone outside of the Agency.

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MAR2420 Letting Made Available 01/23/2020
New Letting Created 01/22/2020
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1 New Attachment - 200310n.pdf 01/22/2020
Letting Made Available 01/21/2020
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1 New Attachment - Notice to Contractors.pdf 01/07/2020
1 New Attachment - 200211n.pdf 01/03/2020
1 New Attachment - 200211n.pdf 01/02/2020
JAN1420 004 - 0620940 Apparent Bids Updated; Letting: JAN1420, Contid: 0620940, Bidders: 82-1704543, 54-0458233, 55-0614471 01/15/2020
004 - 0620940 1 New Attachment - 0620940Amendment01.pdf 01/06/2020
FEB1120 002 - 0822505 1 New Attachment - 0822505Amendment01.pdf 01/15/2020
005 - 1506205 1 New Attachment - 1506205Amendment01.pdf 01/14/2020
018 - 1610501 New Proposal Added 01/07/2020
018 - 1610501 1 New Attachment - Proposal - 1610501SugarCreekBridge.pdf 01/07/2020
018 - 1610501 1 New Attachment - Exhibit 1; 404_401 permit application.pdf 01/07/2020
018 - 1610501 1 New Attachment - Exhibit 2; Asbestos Inspection Report (for information only).pdf 01/07/2020
018 - 1610501 34 Plan Sheets Added 01/07/2020
006 - 1701930 1 New Attachment - 1701930Amendment01.pdf 01/15/2020
006 - 1701930 New Proposal Added 01/02/2020
006 - 1701930 1 New Attachment - Proposal - 1701930BrucetonMillsSidewalk.pdf 01/02/2020
006 - 1701930 15 Plan Sheets Added 01/02/2020
011 - 1712226 New Proposal Added 01/07/2020
011 - 1712226 58 Plan Sheets Added 01/07/2020
011 - 1712226 1 New Attachment - Proposal1712226DowntownBeckleySignals.pdf 01/07/2020
025 - 1723402 New Proposal Added 01/13/2020
025 - 1723402 1 New Attachment - Proposal - 1723402SnowbirdRoad.pdf 01/13/2020
025 - 1723402 12 Plan Sheets Added 01/13/2020
026 - 1723407 1 New Attachment - 1723407Amendment01.pdf 01/15/2020
026 - 1723407 New Proposal Added 01/13/2020
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026 - 1723407 22 Plan Sheets Added 01/13/2020
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